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Kiva's Story




Kiva, a 3 yr old oversized Miniature Poodle, will be joining our family on October 24, 2007. She will be coming from her hometown of Bend, Orgeon, where she just weaned a litter of puppies. We know that she will have many adjustments to make and hope to make those as easy as possible for her. She lives with about 6 other adult dogs. Here she will be an "only" dog, but will live the life of a pampered princess. That alone will be some adjustment, but who wouldn't want the pampered life?

Kiva was, herself, whelped on a raw diet and she will continue to be fed a typical "prey" model diet in our home, that will help in making the adjustment easier as there will be no dietary change.

It is through the generosity of Marlene Miller of Kallista kennels that Kiva is joining us. Marlene heard of the unexpected losses of our two dogs, and her heart went out to us. She heard that I was looking for just the right girl - one that was raw fed, with minimal vaccinations, one that was super friendly, outgoing, and loved everyone, and one that makes a lot of eye contact and is very eager to please. I was looking for an oversized Miniature as I have never had small dogs before and was trying to, gradually, go down in size from the previous Comrades who I had just lost, to a dog/Poodle that I could pick up myself. I was also looking for a girl that was either spayed already, or whom I could spay. We just want a beloved companion.

Marlene knew that Kiva fit the description perfectly for what I had posted to the Miniature Poodle list. Yet, she said nothing to me. Kiva is a very treasured girl in their home. She adores Marlene's husband, Judd, and loves everyone. I was told that in the household of mutiple dogs, Kiva thinks everyone has come to see her. That is perfect for what I am looking for, a girl with a joyful attitude!

I still didn't know about Kiva until an internet friend, Theresa, happened to go to Marlene's one day and she met Kiva and fell in love with her. She told me that if she had not had 3 Poodles already that she would have been begging Marlene to take her home with her. She stood apart from the rest of the crowd so to speak. She captures the eye and heart. Through Theresa talking with Marlene they found out that they both knew me via the internet and Poodle lists. It was then that Marlene told Theresa that she hoped to place Kiva with me! I still knew nothing of this as Marlene had not uttered a word!

Of course I immediately contacted Marlene and asked about Kiva. I was told that she had not been planning on parting with Kiva and the only way that she would do so was to just the right home, and that I qualified for that home! I was estatic to say the least!

To think that Marlene and Judd could feel a strong enough compassion for my breaking heart after losing my wonderful Comrades of 8 and 12 years,

and part with their beloved Kiva is just beyond words. I thank them both from the bottom of my heart. I understand for them there will be sorrow at parting with her. I could hear in Marlene's voice the other night, over the phone, her concern for Kiva as she comes here confused and not knowing why her world has been turned upside down. A part of Kiva remains with her pups that Marlene will have some contact with, and she has many relatives of Kiva to carry on the breeding of the lines and that must be some consolation for Marlene.

I can only reassure Marlene and Judd that we will do everything possible to comfort Kiva and make her happy when she gets here. She will be treasured beyond belief and much loved.

I know that God set the wheels in motion for our being united together. I truly believe that there is always that one special dog or pup out there for us, and if we wait and give it time, it will find us.

The wait has been a long one, as Marlene wanted to breed her one more time and have pups. So we waited for her to come in season,whelp pups, and wean them. After losing my Comrades in April and June, there have been many difficult days. Kiva has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me, a rainbow promising me that there are better days ahead.

Her arrival is upon us, and we are in the final preparations. Soon we will hold that girl in our arms and tears of sorrow will turn to tears of joy.

Thank you again Marlene for sending your precious girl our way clear across the United States!

Safe travel, Kiva!  More to come.....

Kiva, Hebrew for The Protected

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Music dedicated to Sailor and Jaimee,
and to Kiva who will be my heart healer

My Heart Will Go on
Music by Celine Dion

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