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Kiva's Story

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Dog Related Stuff - Health and Dog Food Info

HEALTH & DISEASES                                              DIET RELATED

Addison's Disease
A disease that affects many breeds, but more so the Standard Poodle and Portuguese Water Dogs, as well as Bearded Collies and many other breeds.

What is really in your Dog's Food?
Most people are blissfully unaware as to what goes into commercially prepared dog food. (It'll shock you).
Raw Diets
Learn how easy it is to feed a raw diet.
Raw Feeding
Many links on this site, and much information on feeding raw, including raw chat lists.
K9s Naturally, Natural Food for Natural Health
K9 Raw Diet
Preparing a Raw Diet w/Veggies
Another way to do it, step by step with photos.
Meat Grinders
Feeding and Supplementing Natural Sites
Wendell Belfield, DVM
Food not Fit for a Pet
Knine Kountry - Supplements and Treats
Natural Rearing, Marina Zacharias
Purely Pets - Health Alerts, Articles, products, etc
PetSage - Pet health, herbals, nutrition, etc.
Bach Flower Remedies
Nutramin Clay for Dogs
Calcium Montmorillonite "Living Clay"

Feeding Your Dog Fruits & Vegetables : Homemade Dog Food Solutions For those that won't feed raw.

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