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Kiva's Story

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Poodle and Grooming Links

Poodle Breeders and Friends
Kamann Poodles in WA (Miniatures in Silver and white)
Marlene Miller's Kallista kennels in Oregon (Standard and Miniature Poodles; Silver, Parti, Phantom, White)
Paean Poodles in Wisconsin (Miniatures)
Poodle Health Registry
Poodle Pedigree Database

Here is a  list of links to other web sites that I thought you might enjoy. More to come....

Grooming a Poodle
Keeping ears healthy
Cleaning Ears and other grooming videos
Dremeling nails
Clipping a Dog's nails
Pudelz, Poodle gifts, collars, jewelery, leashes
Poodle Christmas Figurine

Here's a link to the site of the company I work for:

Here's a link to a friend's site: