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Kiva's Story

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Kiva's Here! and Boomer Too!


Kiva arrived to us in October and was everything and more we hoped she would be.  We were so thrilled with her and fell in love with her immediately.  She seemed sad though, and I knew she was adjusting to not knowing anyone and not having any other dogs around. She loved to go into our fenced yard and play fetch with soft stuffies and even a frisbee; and this seemed to be the highlight of her day. She was a quiet girl (which we liked) and so, so good. She took a while to understand that here she was allowed, and even welcomed, up on our bed at night.  A year later now, she has settled into that routine quite well and loves it!  Especially under some blankets.
One day in June, I had ordered a lifesized statue of a Poodle from Danbury Mint .  I took it out of its box when it came and Kiva came to life! She truly thought it was real. I sat it on the floor and she went and sniffed its behind, then around to the face and she sniffed again, then she play bowed. My heart went out to her. The poor baby. I felt so sorry for her because the statue couldn't reciprocate in kind and it was then I knew that Kiva had to have another Poodle in her life. 
So, I called Sue Ross of Renaissance Poodles in Indiana and asked her what she had, telling her my dilemma. Sue, like the good breeder and mentor she is, advised that we had to do this because we wanted it and not just for Kiva. 
Joe and I had rather planned on just one dog in our life now, figuring it would be much easier going on short trips with only one dog; and with the economy looking like it was and heading into retirement in 5 years....well, we felt one dog was best, even though it has been 38 years since we have only had one dog!
But, it was not best for Kiva, and we wanted what was best for our girl and so entered our Boomer.
Boomer was 4 months old when we got him. So much smaller than Kiva, but I did want something smaller to be more of a lap dog and he fits the bill perfectly!  Kiva was ecstatic to say the least!  She was so thrilled to have another Poodle with her and she enjoyed him being a puppy, I do think. After all, she had just left her puppies to come here and that must have been very hard for her.
Boomer has been a barrel of fun, so opposite our beloved Kiva. He is full of action and earned the nickname "Sherlock" because he was always investigating ...and still is! He is so curious and doesn't miss a trick. He is an "eagle eye" so to speak. But, he has been a very good boy, very eager to please, and certainly wants to be a lap dog...he loves to be held and just melts against you.
He plays rough and tumble with Kiva and is quite the sassy little boy that I would think is sometimes a thorn in Kiva's side; but she is ever so patient with him.
Kiva got her beautiful ears cut short because of Boomer who was always tugging on them and knotting them up.
At first Boomer loved his wading pool, then I changed pools and he didn't like the new smaller one.  We shall see come spring 2009, if we pull out the large one again, if he will take to it like he did when he was a baby.
We have more pics of Boomer and Kiva in our Flckr album here.


Kiva and Boomer 10/08

As always babies get lots of pics taken, but we have many of Kiva also.


Boomer's first summer.

Some photos of Boomer as a baby


Boomer was always wet in his first summer.

Boomer enjoying his pool