Kiva's Story

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Collars, Training, and More

Jaimee and Sailor
King of Dogs collar and Hound Collar

White Pine Soft Slip Collars
These are an all time favorite
A very soft material reducing breakage of coat
with a safety feature to prevent choking.
King of Dogs AKA Gourley Collars
Another of my favorites!
A favorite style collar with me.
A martingale that they cannot slip out of
Uptown Hound
Hound collars and more
Needs N' Desires
Mesami collars and leads
(same soft fabric as White Pine)
Kangaroo leads
A very good company to do business with
Hound Collars
GreytHound Shopping Mall - hound collars and more!
Training & Misc
LifeGem Precious Pets
Clicker Solutions
Clicker Training, Karen Pryor
Click and Treat, Gary Wilkes
Deaf Dog Training Tips
Dog E-Lists
The Well Mannered Dog - Shirley Chong Files
A Kid's Guide to Dog Care
Puppy Works, Upcoming Events
Sit Stay, a great shopping place
Clean Run - Agility Site
Happy Legs
Training a show stance
Flying Dog Press, all training stuff
Dog Play, great activities to do with your dog
Behavior Problems

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